AutoMist Insect Control Systems

Spraying outside your home or stable to keep dangerous or annoying insects at bay can be a time-consuming hassle. An AutoMist system makes spending countless hours protecting your home or barn a thing of the past. AutoMist is an automatic insect control system that periodically sprays for bugs, which creates a safe environment for you, your family, and your livestock or pets. It uses an EPA approved insecticide that is completely safe for pet or human exposure. Maintenance is as simple as adjusting the spray timer to your desired schedule and filling the reservoir when it’s empty.

Each installation of an AutoMist system is unique and tailored to fit your specific needs.  WE are always mindful of our customers’ budgets and design a system to suit their needs without sacrificing effectiveness. All work is performed in a professional, safe, and timely manner by our knowledgeable installers. WE stand behind all of our systems and, for your peace of mind, include a full one year parts and labor warranty.

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