Lifestyle Garage Screens

Ever wish you could use your garage for more than just storage? Woodys Enterprises proudly presents a fully retractable screen unit that works seamlessly with your existing garage door. Our Lifestyle garage door screens can help add versatile living space to your garage.

Our lightweight and affordable garage screen door system is spring assisted, electricity free, and made up almost entirely of recyclable materials. Stylish, practical, and easy to use, the Lifestyle system works with your existing garage door. Lifestyle garage screens allow for full usage of your garage door, unlike other products that take up a portion of your garage door opening and rely on obtrusive floor tracks that fill up with dirt and debris. Using an interior mounted track system, the Lifestyle garage door screen leaves your floor track-free; the spring-assisted system makes storing your screen effortless. Best of all, the center sliding door allows easy access without lifting up the whole screen. WE also offer privacy screen to make your new garage screen room feel as secluded and private as any other room in your home.

Unlike many other garage screen door systems, Lifestyle’s solution is accepted by most Home Owners’ Associations for its simplicity, safety, and elegance. And last but not least, WE make sure installation is a breeze by guaranteeing professional, same visit installation by helpful and experienced technicians.

Call or use the contact form below to request a free estimate today! Let us turn your garage into your very own personal oasis!