Red Iron Steel Buildings

If you’re in the market for a strong, durable structure, look no further than our red iron steel buildings. In conjunction with Vulcan Steel, WE provide fast and easy construction of custom designed red iron steel buildings for your commercial and residential needs. Hangars, churches, industrial buildings, and outdoor venues are just a few examples of what WE can build for you.

Each building we contract is tailor-made just for you. It takes four to eight weeks to engineer your plans, run the permitting, and manufacture the steel. From there, our crew of experienced craftsmen will erect your building in a professional and timely manner.

Red iron steel provides protection from high winds, lightning, fire, earthquakes and is far superior to traditional frameworks. Unlike traditional framing, red iron steel’s strength and flexibility will support itself without central columns or load-bearing walls. This means 100% of the interior is usable space. To top it all off, our framing is made from recycled, eco-friendly steel. Coupled with insulation, you can help the environment while saving money on the costs of heating and cooling.

Red iron steel buildings are the epitome of durability. Give us a call or use the contact form below for a free estimate so WE can get started on your building today!